1. I am interested in working for MISC Berhad. Are there any job-openings available?
    For more information on working in MISC and to view our available vacancies, visit out Career page. Occasionally, we will advertise our openings in national newspapers so be on the lookout for our classifieds.

  2. How do I get the latest updates on MISC's press releases and media related information?
    Visit out Media Centre to get our latest Press Releases, Speeches and News Clippings. You can also sign up for our Press Alerts to ensure that you receive up-to-date news on MISC.

  3. How do I get the latest updates on MISC's annual and interim reports and other financial information?
    To get the latest updates on MISC's financial information, particularly in regards to Investors, you can visit our Investor Relations section on the web. We publish our annual report and other financial reports online for our current and future investors.

    For more information on Investors Relations, you can also write directly to investors.relations@miscbhd.com

  4. I am currently in my final year at University and as a course requirement, I need to undergo industrial training with a company in Malaysia. The objective is to gain exposure and experience on any field of job and expand my knowledge in the working environment. I would like to apply to do my industrial training in MISC Berhad. Does MISC have a programme for students to do Industrial/Practical training in the company?
    We accept practical trainees in courses relevant to the business and subject to a min CGPA of 3.00. To apply, please submit:
    1. Cover letter
    2. Full resume
    3. All result transcripts
    4. Recommendation / supporting letter fr. the university
    Address it to:
    Talent Sourcing
    Human Resource Management,
    MISC Berhad
    Level 21, Menara Dayabumi
    Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
    50050 Kuala Lumpur