The ocean is an essential part of Earth’s ecosystems and it is home to a wide and diverse species of marine life. For far too long, human activities such as overfishing, climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, and introduction of invasive species have put our ocean at risk. Regulatory bodies such as International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has put in place regulations to combat climate change and to ensure a sustainable future for the ocean. MISC Group operates responsibly worldwide and we continue to take an active role in reducing our carbon footprint/key emissions and waste to achieve our set targets. 

To firmly establish our pathway towards these targets, a long-term biodiversity conservation programme was launched in 2020, named as Heart of The Ocean. This corporate and sustainable environmental initiative is aimed at improving the ocean’s health by conserving the marine ecosystems and reducing the impact of human activities on the oceans. The name, ‘Heart of The Ocean’ symbolises our love and dedication in taking care of the oceans and its marine biodiversity.

Icon Rationale

Logo Rationale

The Heart of The Ocean logo embodies MISC Group’s commitment, conviction and steadfast belief to continuously safeguarding the ocean and its marine biodiversity.  The pair of hands represent our connection to the ocean life, with the hands coming together to form a heart shape that depicts our love and passion in preserving the marine life for the generations to come. To us, the icon exemplifies the diversity in the ocean, which we see as the heart of the ocean.


Under the Heart of The Ocean initiative, two marine biodiversity conservation programmes were introduced - the Marine Biodiversity Conservation Flagship Programme led by the Group and the UMT-MMS Sea Turtle Conservation Programme led by MISC Maritime Services Sdn Bhd (MMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of MISC Group. Our two marine biodiversity programmes on coral reef conservation and sea turtles protection play vital roles in maintaining the health of the world’s oceans and represent our commitment and approach to ensure sustainable use of the ocean and the preservation of marine biodiversity as outlined in the SDG 14.

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