MISC undertook a comprehensive process in the development of the Sustainability Strategy 2021 – 2025, which comprised six employee workshops as follows:



The sessions featured good mix of employees from the Group’s various business units and subsidiaries. We harnessed the diverse perspectives and viewpoints of our multi-generational workforce, and brainstormed the issues surrounding ESG factors that were pertinent to MISC. We also collaboratively identified MISC’s appropriate response in light of the Group’s strategic priorities, as well as our commitment towards contributing to the greater global sustainability agenda.

These sessions undertook a holistic approach towards collaboratively and collectively drawing up the Sustainability Strategy, by incorporating a top down approach with management and leadership on board to share their views, as well as a bottom up approach where our employees at working level could share their points of view based on their own experiences. Through the sessions, we prioritised the issues and arrived at a deeper understanding of our stakeholders needs and concerns. A gap analysis was also conducted to identify areas of improvement against our previous strategy and incorporate these into our forward moving strategy.